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Victoria Albert Town Residence garden

190 Albert Street, East Melbourne 3004

Opening Information

Twilight, Saturday 3 February 2018

2.00 pm - 7.00pm

Entry price $8 (U18 free). Students $5


This unique apartment building complex in East Melbourne – located between two renowned streets and within walking distance of four of Melbourne city’s most famous public gardens – comprises 144 apartments with a 5,984 square metre footprint, and includes two superb garden courtyards of a combined 1,600 square metres.

The garden areas are built on top of the buildings’ carpark – so technically they are roof gardens. The shallow soil structure consists of 100-300mm with poor drainage. The garden is shaded for extended periods from the apartment buildings that surround it. Most areas receive an average of 2.5 hours of sun per day.

The garden is designed to be viewed from above and provide 365 days of viewing pleasure through continual seasonal interest.

Plants are arranged and sculpted to provide clever green screening for the ground floor apartments. Mixed planting of perennials and herbs abound, while there is clever manipulation of succulents that introduces a playful element to the garden. Large trees have been planted in containers throughout.


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190 Albert Street, East Melbourne 3004