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Sally's Garden

43 Steane Street, Kennington 3550

Opening Information

Saturday 21 April and Sunday 22 April

10.00am - 4.30pm

Entry price $8 (U18 free). Students $5


Sally’s garden is a beautiful example of what can be achieved in a residential setting under adverse conditions of slope and hot summer climates.

A large cypress hedge was planted 23 years ago when the local Eucalypts were removed, providing a green backdrop for a hardy plant palette, including euphorbias, Virginia Creeper and Pencil Pines for vertical interest, a range of succulents, and lomandra for movement. The hedge also provides a microclimate for maples and ornamental pears to grow.

The garden features many lovely ‘living areas’ including a large deck draped in an ornamental grape vine, intimate nook with a miniature maple in a pot, outdoor dining area that looks over the hedging and a lawn. To one side of the house is a raised veggie garden, while the front of the house has a fine leaf Myoporum ‘lawn’ featuring soft curving hedging and a water bowl.


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43 Steane Street, Kennington 3550